Hello! We're Sep and Mich.

We are amateur photographers based in south Norway.

We started this site with the hopes of it turning into something more than a hobby. Michelle has been photographing for a long time and she influenced Tor(Sep) to become interested in this rewarding hobby.


We hope to be able to travel the world and take amazing pictures, but as we don't have the funds to do so, we'll post to this site and instagram for the time being.


Michelle's Instagram: mimiiarlette

Tor's Instagram: theseppola


Requests and Events |

We haven't been doing this commercially at all before, so we are up for any challenge. Be that family photoshoots or weddings, we would be happy to help you out. The great thing about photography is that the learning never stops and we're constantly trying out new techniques and evolving in this craft.

Portraits |

As we do not have a proper location yet, we would gladly bring our equipment to your house if this is ok. Or, since we love nature, we can take some beautiful shots out in the "wild".


Because of the lack in commercial experience, we offer an extremely low price for the time being, until we are confident that we have place on this market.

Babies and Kids |

Since we have a kid running around here, there have been some shoots already with kids and babies and we will do whatever we can to give you that perfect picture for the wall.

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